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21 Jun

Did the ashes of burnt memories float into that universe

Where a little boy and girl sit together on the pavement,

Sharing the most interesting stories in the world?

Did he hear the wind sing of her dreams—

To choose him, keep him, and be free and boundless together?

Because I thought I heard the universe answer back, saying—

Air is always there, filling their lives, stringing their skies,

Never done, never gone, although unseen.

The sands of time have built a castle, majestic and grand

Washed by tides and claimed by the seas

They rose to the skies and rained on down

To my face, my heart, and that pavement from yesterday

The sound of heaven pouring on earth

Fills the void and drowns out your voice

And all I find on these merging roads—

From tomorrow, today, and yesterday—

Is the air I never lost.


Personal Post #1: Favorites

24 Nov


  1. Favorite pet I ever had?

My second cat! Unlike most cats who think humans are bothersome creatures who obsess much over affection, she loved me as much as I did and expressed it in her kitty ways.


  1. Favorite meal out, ever?

Not much a fan of food (sadly doesn’t mean I’m supermodel-thin) so I couldn’t pick a fave in this. I pretty much eat anything anywhere.


  1. Favorite food I’ve cooked?

My previous answer should tell how much I suck in the kitchen.


  1. Favorite food from childhood?

Spaghetti forever.


  1. Favorite conversation I’ve ever had with a person?

I’m an introvert and I don’t actually engage in a conversation and take note of it as a favorite one. Maybe as of now anything between my closest friends and I. We’re separated at great distances and any catching up session is priceless.


  1. Favorite total meal that I cook (list all items)?

God. Why do cooking questions keep on reappearing?


  1. Favorite movie of all time?

I’ve always considered A Series of Unfortunate Events my favorite. But I’m wondering if I should replace it or what since I couldn’t recall the point of the movie anymore. Anyway I’ll go with Anastasia (the animated movie of the missing Romanov princess) and The Sound of Music.


^my OTP everyone

  1. Favorite book of all time?

Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Series. It pretty much reconstructed my vision of the world.


  1. Teacher who changed my life, and why?

Mrs. Christine. She was the one who first saw my potential in writing and pushed me to pursue it. She was always all-praises when she read my works and I discovered that writing could be a passion more than a basic skill.


  1. Favorite item to go shopping for with a girlfriend?

I’m too lazy to go shopping, but when I do it would be lip tint.


  1. Perfect day out: what, where, with whom?

Hanging out in a nature park (or any place away from urban bustles) on a rainy/cloudy day, with family or myself alone


  1. Favorite color?

Pale, Classic-looking Pink.

large (1)


  1. Favorite artist?

No one in particular. Any fauvist artist though.


  1. Favorite song?

This is tough. I have so many and I don’t have a criteria for selection, but I’d go with Dati by Sam Concepcion and Tippy dos Santos.


  1. The best paid entertainment I’ve ever seen?

Live shows!


  1. Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours?

Fangirling! I spend a whole day on my phone, watching kpop performances and AlDub Replays lol.


  1. Most rewarding time I’ve ever spent volunteering?

Once at school I was chosen (not really volunteered but I agreed so I opt to think of it the same way lol) to visit a home for the differently-abled people. I got to bond with them and the experience was rewarding in itself.


  1. The most exciting secret I’ve ever been told?

Secrets don’t excite me. When I’m told one it feels like a responsibility and I’m often worried I might slip it out anytime.


  1. My greatest skill (past or current)?

If it means MY best, it’s creative writing but I’m not saying I’m very good at it. If ‘greatest’ in a negative way but I’m close to perfecting its art, it’s cramming.


  1. The best advice I’ve ever been given?

I know there’s something else better, but from what I can remember from recent times it’s to think of the consequences when you try to weigh decisions. It’s common sense but I needed to hear it from someone for me to actually do it.


  1. The best birthday I ever had and why?

I don’t usually enjoy birthdays. There’s that constant feeling that you’re supposed to feel special and I often don’t, which is why I feel pressured on my birthdays. Pressured to feel special, to grow up. One particular birthday that I remember without this feeling is when I was five years old though, where I vividly remember fussing over my new doll house.


  1. The coolest natural wonder I’ve ever seen?



  1. The most fun road trip I’ve ever taken, where and with whom?

I’ve been on a road trip only a few times with the same people. It’s just around downtown with colleagues from the student publication.


  1. The closest call I’ve ever had?

I was literally an inch (or two) away from a speeding jeep that miraculously achieved a last-minute halt.


  1. My favorite flower, purchased?

Never bought one. Why spend on a dying mutilation of nature?


  1. My favorite flower or plant, personally grown?

Never grown one, but I still have those sunflower seeds from 8 years ago which I hope to have planted by next year.


  1. My best hair day ever?

More like hair night. My hair is a bunch or wires all day but when I get home at night and look in the mirror, they flow light and glossy like raven wings. This sounds weird but yes I do hair flips and shampoo commercials late at night.


  1. The best gift I’ve ever gotten: what and from whom?

Not really the ‘best’ but rather most treasured: a small handkerchief from a friend back when I was a kid. It was the first time I felt special to have been remembered by someone. Also, I have come to associate the hanky with my childhood experiences that one look at it brings a surge of pleasant memories.


  1. My most suspenseful moment?

Probably my first trip to Manila. I was a complete stranger unsure of the future with no idea how to get to my destination, much less where to stay.


  1. My most unexpected achievement?

The first time I placed for an essay writing competition! I had joined it expecting nothing at all, since I was a novice with no coach, only a little preparation of prayers and unorganized ideas I had on early dawn.


  1. The best dessert I’ve ever eaten?

Ice cream is forever.


  1. The prettiest natural landscape I’ve ever seen?

I’m not much of a traveler, so mine is actually a cityscape. I love how the city lights look from a high place at night.


  1. The most scared I’ve been by a bug or critter?

Bugs don’t scare me. Worms scare me all the time.


  1. My favorite household chore?

Who on earth has a favorite household chore? I’d take this as which one I usually do, so it’s dishwashing.


  1. My favorite piece of jewelry I’ve ever bought for myself?

No favorite yet, but I’m thinking of buying a ring.


  1. The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had?

Coffee is life, and choosing the best one is like saying I have a ‘best’ life which is irrational because YOLO you know. Anything in the presence of rain is best!


  1. The hardest question a child has ever asked me?

Most children don’t like me, they think I might swallow them or something. Still waiting for that question though.


  1. The most important time I’ve had to “be there” for a friend?

Countless times I had to listen to her complain about a problem I never had – lovelife.


  1. The most unusual pet I’ve ever had?

A cat who kept forgetting she was a cat.


  1. The most treasured book in my library?

Life of Pi by Yann Martel.


  1. The most important tool in my craft or hobby kit?



  1. The best anonymous thing I have ever done or given?

This blog! 🙂


  1. The worst thing I ever got away with?

I’m too ashamed of myself to ever mention.


  1. The kindest thing a stranger ever did for me?

Asked me for a dance



  1. The kindest thing I ever did for a stranger?

Bless them with my glance. Kidding, I honestly don’t know if I ever did one.


  1. Favorite outdoor smell?

Petrichor! It’s heavenly!


  1. Most fun I ever had on a Saturday night?

I don’t like hanging out on weekends, but when it’s with my closest friends, all Saturday nights are the best!


  1. Favorite song I ever danced to; with whom?

I love dancing but I don’t have the confidence to have human eyes on me. I practice dances ALONE at home. Favorites are Growl and Don’t Go by EXO. I also like Louder by Charice.


  1. Favorite dinner my mom made?

Anything pasta.


  1. The happiest moment I can remember?

Receiving my first trophy for essay writing


  1. Song that makes me move no matter how bad I feel?

Louder by Charice!


  1. My favorite patriotic experience?

Crying for pride in dead heroes lol


  1. My biggest moment of celebrity?

Receiving academic awards onstage.


  1. My one favorite item of clothing?

I suck at choosing clothes so I end up with no favorite.


  1. The one item I would take to the desert island?

A knife, probably. I don’t intend to kill anyone, but it’s useful for self defense and crafting stuff you know.


  1. The one person I loved who never knew?

Kim Jongin. He’ll never know.

large (1).png


  1. The most fun sporting event I ever attended?

I’m the type of person who couldn’t see ‘fun’ and ‘sports’ in one sentence, except for basketball, so yeah I guess basketball games I’ve watched in our high school sportsfest.


  1. The best place I have ever traveled; where I’d spend my whole life if I could?

Not much of a traveler as I said, but it would be Cebu, my hometown.


  1. My favorite moment as a parent?

As of now, it’s that time when I wrote a letter for my future kid. I’m an 18-year-old student by the way, and I’m not a parent yet!


  1. My favorite moment as a sister or brother?

Everytime I give gifts on their birthday!


  1. My favorite moment as a spouse or significant other?

Right now – staying loyal to him even though he doesn’t know I exist.


  1. My favorite moment as a daughter or son?

Presenting my parents with academic and competition awards


  1. My favorite flowers to receive in a delivery?

Ain’t roses a classic? (My creativity of an excuse for my lack of skill in naming flowers)



  1. The most significant change I’ve had to go through and how it made me better?

I just changed my career course big time. I didn’t exactly become better, just happier, so maybe I got more cheerful? People still see me as the girl with the resting bitch face though.


  1. My “biggest deal” memory of childhood?

It’s hard to dig into my memories, so I’d go for the responsibilities I had as the lead archer of my make-believe kingdom.


  1. My favorite non-relative adult growing up?

There was this lady who often went to our house to help our nanny manage us kids. She had fantastic stories and games that we loved having her around.


  1. My favorite aunt or uncle?

Uncle K. We’re not close anymore but I was fond of him as a child.


  1. Best Sunday afternoon I ever had?

Sunday afternoon means it’s Monday soon, so it’s often stressful. Probably the best ones were those in summer.


  1. Favorite musician?

The Script, Regina Spektor, EXO, Yeng Constantino


  1. Famous person I’ve admired, living or dead, whom I’d most like to meet?

Maine Mendoza. She’s incredibly amazing! I love how she defied celebrity norms on her way to stardom. She’s truly one of a kind, a comet in this lifetime. I feel so attached to her probably also because I found out we share many similarities. She’s like the brazen rich girl version of me.


  1. Favorite environmental sound (rain, thunder, etc.)?

Rain and thunder, they come together!


  1. Favorite person to take a walk on a beach or in the woods with?

Kai. Or maybe my elusive guardian angel.


  1. Best time I’ve had playing with a pet?

When we got our first dog, this energetic pup had a knack for chasing me around the house to nibble at my heel!


  1. Nicest thing I’ve ever done for a little kid?

I have this habit of holding little kids by the arm to help them get on and off public transport in safety.


  1. Favorite TV rerun I could watch 50 times?

AlDUB! Kalyeserye 🙂


  1. My favorite story or experience with the paranormal?

Too many stories! But there was this time when our nanny was trying to scare us kids not knowing that this real entity was right behind her.


  1. The one food item I can never run out of?

There’s always a stock of biscuits at the drawer.


  1. The favorite picture I’ve ever taken?



  1. If I could go anywhere, be with anyone, be doing anything, right now: Where? Who? What?

I’d go to Tuscany, Italy and stroll through the hills. I’d be with my family, especially my mom since she talked much about the beauty of that place.


  1. If I had one hour to live, what would I spend it doing?

I’ll write my heart out.


Questions from http://www.hubpages.com

Why Share Your Day

19 Nov

I’ve had this blog for years now and I just realized I haven’t written much about myself (because I haven’t written much at all, actually). Yes, everything I wrote was out of my personal ideas and viewpoint but I never wrote about my life. I keep a diary for self-expression and I never saw the point of revealing yourself to the world. I mean, who cares what you’re wearing right now or who your favorite writer is, right?

Recently I’ve been visiting a celebrity’s blog often and I find it nice that she wrote much about herself and her experiences. Of course it’s interesting, because she’s popular and all, but beyond that, her posts long before she became famous quite had an effect on me. It feels somehow wonderful to see what life is in someone else’s perspective, like reading someone’s diary. Yes, we claim that we understand that all people have feelings, their own problems, preferences and whatnot, but we rarely actually try to see things from their perspective. I think reading about trivial things like how someone else’s day went, where she spent the afternoon or what music she listens to would make us feel – and not just mentally ‘understand’ – that life is so much bigger than we think. Life is not just about ‘me’, or ‘you’; it’s ‘us’. Cliche as it sounds, it’s true. Have you ever looked out your window and wondered how the world looked to that bearded man rushing across the street? What he’s thinking, where he’s going, what made him decide to wear black on such a sunkissed day? I don’t know about you, but I find a sense of fulfillment everytime I think of how the universe is made up of infinite connected stories of clueless characters. I hope someone else feels the same way; it would really be nice if we try to step out of our self spotlight and try to review the day in somebody else’s eyes. Because of your catharsis of being just one speck in this planet, you missed 7 billion other ways of seeing life today.

What I’m saying is that I’ll be starting to post personal stuff. I think it would be helpful for my introspection, being an introvert and all. I bet most of the things I’ll write are beyond the knowledge of even my closest friends! Anyway I encourage you to do the same. I would be fun!  You can go visit http://daringtolivefully.com/journal-prompts for journal prompts!

P.S The celebrity blog I was talking about is http://www.mainemendoza.com Such a brilliant and beautiful lady.



10 Nov


People leave for a reason.

Sometimes home has become a cage, love has reduced into an idea, or dreams have morphed into a time-washed promise of yesterday. The present becomes an enslaving chain of uncertainty and despair until only the unknown horizon gives the hope of something – anything – better. And so we dive in, trying to chase happiness that for all we know lies in that ‘somewhere else’.

Drapetomania (n) – the overwhelming urge to run away

I am a drapetomaniac, although it was only recently when I discovered the existence of such a word. Ever since I was a young child I always had these dreams where I do nothing else but run – away from monsters, strangers, and even family and friends. Sometimes I couldn’t tell why exactly I was running away. I just felt the need to. Growing up, I dreamt less and less frequently (or I couldn’t remember them upon waking up, at least) my fascination for the horizon remained. I would stare at it far ahead and wonder what it’s like to chase it, too just keep going straight and never looking back. I have a good home, a great family and friends but there is the overwhelming desire to go somewhere far and live a stranger’s life. I attribute this idea to my being an introvert. Or probably, I just like escaping from anything that threatens my peace of mind.

I could say I’m the type of tries to escape from her problems. I make impulsive decisions, and those who have witnessed my misadventures would probably say that I’m much of a quitter. I admit, recently I have been turning down opportunities and taking a step back from many things because of my rather complicated pessimistic mindset. Sometimes I get tired of understanding myself that all I want to do is curl up, stare at the blankness of space, and make an estimation of the number of stars that give dead light. But most of the time, I imagine myself going out into the streets and sneaking myself in a ship bound to the opposite continent. Then what do I do when I get there? I never thought of it, actually. It’s not the destination that I’m after; it’s the act of running away that stirs my euphoria.


I was never a fan of goodbyes. I say it a number of times, of course, when my friends and I part ways after school, when I end a call, when I just…leave a place, like everybody does. But when I think of it, I actually meant none of those goodbyes I’ve spoken out loud, because I knew there would always be a next ‘hello’. I grieved when my grandfathers died, but I don’t actually recall that I said goodbye, not because I didn’t want to but because it didn’t cross my mind at all.

When I was young, a good friend of mine left without an assurance of ever coming back. I didn’t cry nor feel even a bit of sadness. On the last day, our eyes just met for a mere millisecond. We didn’t talk. We didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t care. You may think we might not have been close friends at all, but I tell you, we’ve been friends for a really long time and shared many happy childhood memories. This kid was that one loyal friend you’d have once in a lifetime. A friend who stays by your side even though you choose to play with someone else. A friend who listens in awe to your nonsense stories. A friend who gives you stuff you never asked for. A friend who just wants to see you happy.  That time, I thought leaving was not a big deal. I thought it was just as easy as coming home from school. I didn’t have to be sad, I told myself. In my memory, I didn’t feel anything. But what I clearly remember is that I quietly cried in my room that night. I cried because I badly wanted to say goodbye.

My next distinct memory with goodbye was after high school graduation. My classmates and I stayed together overnight, and it was a happy memory. It seemed to last for a long time. When we parted ways, we said a simple ‘bye’, an unceremonious one. It was delivered in such a normal way, but when I said it, I knew I was going to remember it for the rest of my life.


The next goodbye I said was just a few days ago. It wasn’t goodbye to a person, but to a direction. I decided to leave the career path I have been building for a year. To put it simply, I was unhappy. It was a good course and I am very grateful I chose it as an initial course because it shaped the way I see the world. I feel more aware, more experienced. However, deep inside me was a voice trying to be heard amidst the noise of my troubled heartbeat. It was telling me that my place is somewhere else. Being the impulsive decision maker that I am, leaving was a burdensome process not only to myself but also to my parents. The consequences transcend even to this day. Of course, there is anxiety and doubt. I begin to question whether I made a foolish move. It’s hard to weigh career decisions for me, because I don’t have a definite dream. My desires change even before I could start paving the yellow brick road towards them. My desk was a mess of paperworks from last semester. I dreaded cleaning it up because I was afraid I’d feel regret. But just the other day, I found the courage to clean up. As I sealed the box that now houses those memories, I felt an unexpected happiness. My heart felt as if it has been freed from a cramped cage. A grocery box filled with papers and books became the recipient of my first happy goodbye.


So here I am at the doorway of that place called ‘somewhere else’. The present is still shadowed by uncertainty, but I learned that it is not always an enslaving chain. Uncertainty is more like a road. You may not see the destination, but you know it was built to lead somewhere. If you believe happiness is in the horizon, then you might as well accept the fact that for every two steps you take towards it, it draws farther, two steps away. Truth is, the horizon is just an illusion for the sky never meets the ground. Horizon and happiness only share one similarity: the letter ‘H’.

I don’t think I will ever stop wanting to run away, just as I wouldn’t start believing in goodbye. Maybe it’s because I don’t intend to say goodbye that running away sounds so easy. There is that joy in moving from one place to another, and goodbye is a bittersweet marker in an unmapped journey. It could either enslave or liberate a person; use it well.

As for myself, I still can’t say goodbye. And I guess this is my reason to leave.

D.A’s Photo Quote 2

21 Apr

Another photo quote: Look back at memories, look forward to your dreams, but live life today.


True Love

24 Oct

Time reveals love by itself. No one can tell but you.


Fairytale Reality

5 May

Just because you had a sad once upon a time doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy ever after.