In the threads of time,

Between sunlight and rainfall,

Between the dance of the clouds

And the song of the hills,

The silence of the wind

And the hum of guitar strings,

A moment lived, frozen still.

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Did the ashes of burnt memories float into that universe

Where a little boy and girl sit together on the pavement,

Sharing the most interesting stories in the world?

Did he hear the wind sing of her dreams—

To choose him, keep him, and be free and boundless together?

Because I thought I heard the universe answer back, saying—

Air is always there, filling their lives, stringing their skies,

Never done, never gone, although unseen.

The sands of time have built a castle, majestic and grand

Washed by tides and claimed by the seas

They rose to the skies and rained on down

To my face, my heart, and that pavement from yesterday

The sound of heaven pouring on earth

Fills the void and drowns out your voice

And all I find on these merging roads—

From tomorrow, today, and yesterday—

Is the air I never lost.

Grow, Little G

I can’t recall, not even once

Sparing you a favored glance

Like a lily embraced by the sun

You seemed to wither when it’s gone


But time stood still at least for you

Lost in years I never knew

Scarred, ill, you took life’s test

Surviving all, outlived the rest


Less affection warmed your days

Silent struggles you had to face

Yet a smile would shine in your eyes

A color kept by heaven’s skies


I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see

How  silent dawn had set you free

Now a lily grows where love never dies

In a color kept by heaven’s skies.





A Fairytale Dance

My hand on yours
Your eyes on mine
Our feet to the music
I never believed in a fairytale dance

My thoughts of you
Your words to me
Our pace to the rhythm
I never thought I could get that chance

My memories vague
Your picture unclear
Our distance undefined
I’m never certain of things so surreal

But then you left as fast as you came
Without even giving me your name
You just came without knowing me at all
‘Cause you saw me lonely in that hall

I didn’t know what to think
Should I let my heart fly then watch it sink
Was that a happy dream or a temporary truth
Oh the blind and dreamy heart of youth

My hand on yours
Your eyes on mine
Our feet to forever…
I never believed I could have a chance

Until you gave me that fairytale dance.

Love’s Uncertainty

Love’s Uncertainty
By DaylightArtemis

If love is real and fate is might
Then why don’t stars go out each night?
Why do these lovely stories told
All seem to miss those nights of cold

The night sky rich of darkened seas
And starlight trapped in twilight’s trees
Do these strike dawn a wayward flame
To burn in spring love’s glorious name

Drowning fire and burning rain
Are they surreal to keep fate sane?
Will purple peonies’ fading light
All come pour back at love’s first sight?

The clouds that flock bear moonlight’s kiss
As night wind whispers heaven’s bliss
But stars don’t show in every night
For love is real and fate is might.