Diana Everlark

Hello, I am DaylightArtemis. Although I go by the name of the goddess of the moon and hunt, I actually love animals. This is called huntress diaries because I hunt for the meaning of life, just to make this whole thing sound deep, aesthetic, and sensible.


Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon and hunt

I usually use the name Diana Everlark in cyberspace. Diana as the Roman counterpart of Artemis, and Everlark is well coined from fictional characters’ last names, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The best love story since Romeo and Juliet. Sigh.

I am a self-proclaimed freewriter (‘free’ has to be in it because other than what the word denotes, I hate writing), halfhearted college student, daydreamer at a terminal stage, optional artist, secretly aspiring dancer, attention deficient pretentious listener, swooning kpop fangirl, and most of the time just an indifferent girl who really loves things like cats, coffee, strawberry yogurt, rain, mountains, secret gardens, fairytale lands, stars, nostalgic items, and city lights at night.

heavenly feeling, from weheartit.com

heavenly feeling, from weheartit.com

I write about a lot of random stuff. I started this blog back in 2013 and then I just stopped because I didn’t see the sense and lost the will. However, I decided to check this just yesterday and because I’ve been feeling so downcast lately, I figured I could go back to writing to distract myself and let out my bottled feelings. It turned out to be a good idea. I’ve stopped freewriting eversince I went to college. Lately I’ve been experiencing emotional turmoil of reasons I cannot fathom, or I refuse to. I felt so broken. But then I came across a quote saying, “If you can go on a day without writing and not feel broken, then you are not a writer.”

So here it is, my sort of therapy to my mental, emotional, and sometimes spiritual illness. Wish me luck!

my motivational quote

my motivational quote

For curiosity, complaints, compliments, constructive criticisms, random conversations, or if you think you can help me with my mental dilemmas or you just need some weird gal to talk to, you can reach me through the following (half of my soul is dedicated to fangirling so don’t ever wonder why my twitter account is at the moment filled with Maine Mendoza and other fangirl stuff)

Twitter:      twitter.com/DaylightArtemis

Email:          arseeeyem@gmail.com

Also, I have a wattpad account which I haven’t checked in ages that I don’t recall if I ever published at least one of the drafted stories I started years back. You may check it and do tell me if it has grown weeds or something.

Wattpad:     wattpad.com/user/DaylightArtemis


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