Love At First Sight

Because you wouldn’t know how real the first one is until it becomes your last.



Be Yourself

Because a thousand haters is nothing compared to a single lover.


What If…

It hurts to see them so perfect for each other


What do you do? Fight for yourself and be the antagonist in their love story or just let go and write your own? It’s not that easy right?

Cause what if it’s your story and you could have fought for your own happy ending? But how do you know if you’re clinging on something that was never meant to be yours?

What do you think is the right thing to do? They’re perfect for each other, do you think you could be any better?
Think. Decide.

Do not cower over what ifs. What’s meant to be will always find its way.

Love’s Uncertainty

Love’s Uncertainty
By DaylightArtemis

If love is real and fate is might
Then why don’t stars go out each night?
Why do these lovely stories told
All seem to miss those nights of cold

The night sky rich of darkened seas
And starlight trapped in twilight’s trees
Do these strike dawn a wayward flame
To burn in spring love’s glorious name

Drowning fire and burning rain
Are they surreal to keep fate sane?
Will purple peonies’ fading light
All come pour back at love’s first sight?

The clouds that flock bear moonlight’s kiss
As night wind whispers heaven’s bliss
But stars don’t show in every night
For love is real and fate is might.