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The Journal Mentality

28 Apr

So how do you write a longer preview of a story so short without turning the article into a journal or something?

I had trouble with that one night.  I kept my eyes glued on the screen, hoping something would just pop out in an instant and bingo! I got my story longer! Daydreams aside, my problem here is that, well, I was writing this news story, and traditions order it to be written as it is.  No extra fuss.  So what’s the thing? I’m worrying on how it would look like on the newspaper!  I mean, I’ve tried adding extra words, a little of my own interpretation (which is prohibited by the way), and longer statements.  But it didn’t help much.

Fine, I know, a good writer can play with words, any good story could be expressed in a million words, whatever that’s good could be converted into words just as good.  I’m not saying I’m a good writer, but I’m not that bad either.  It’s just that, I think, some things ought to remain simple and untouched.  I’ve tried expounding it as careful as I can, and I find myself writing this.  Yeah, I‘m writing this to keep my unrelated ideas from the news I was writing.  That was something real, and not some blog I’m not even sure somebody is reading.  Oh and look, unknowingly I’ve made this one longer than my news story.  Frustrating.  I get it, I’m no good journalist.  But at least when I finally printed my story, I knew I just prevented a diary entry from getting published in a school paper.  If ever, that would be a disaster.  I can only imagine my editor’s distorted face.

I wonder why I can’t just write some news as naturally as this.  Look, all I know is I was just tapping some keys, and then Microsoft reports I’ve written 314 words.  And to think I barely even reached 200 in my article.  What a bummer.

I guess this could only be explained by one thing, and I call it “the journal mentality”. It’s like human nature in a somehow artistic form.  People have this innate manner of voicing out what they feel inside, whether it concerns others or not.  We feel the need to express our thoughts, and it could be through voice or pen.  This is why some people keep a diary, in case you’ve ever wondered how anyone would engage in such silly stuff.  So they freak out when somebody reads it huh?  Because they do not write it for anyone to read!  It’s to express, basically for self-satisfaction.

People have side comments on everything and they just can’t help but blab about it.  Fine, there are the silent types including myself.  And do I need to explain about them? Maybe in some other entry, I’d try expounding.  If I’m not mistaken, there are no silent people in the world.  Some may be vocal in expressing, but others make noise in some other way, like writing, drawing, or to make it concise, art.  I’m more of the latter type.  But the point here is, everybody has the journal mentality.


(This was written months ago.)